Samsung Vice Chairman confirms plans to launch Premium lineup of smartphones soon

We have been hearing rumors about a Prime version of the Galaxy S5 or a new series of Samsung smartphones called the Galaxy F for quite a while. However, we now have confirmation from Samsung’s Vice Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun that a premium lineup of smartphones is indeed coming.

Speaking at Samsung Electronics’ annual shareholders meeting, Kwon explained that the company’s weak performance in net profits in Q4 2013 was due to monetary uncertainties in the US and the euro zone, as well as stiff competition from its Japanese and Chinese rivals. The interesting tidbit came later, with Kwon saying:

“We will maintain our dominance in key businesses, such as mobile phones, TVs and memory chips, by rolling out premium lineups.”

This is sure to set the rumor mill on fire and start the speculation. Should we expect a new Galaxy F series altogether, or will there be Prime versions of Samsung’s regular offerings? And in either case, what would the price hike be on these devices? The Galaxy S and Note series already go for $700 to $800 on average on release, so should we expect something around the thousand dollar mark-up on the premium series?

[via: Yonhap]

6 Responses to “Samsung Vice Chairman confirms plans to launch Premium lineup of smartphones soon”

      • that won’t be a smart move for Samsung at this stage, this would create a problem for their S line, perhaps they would introduce a metallic body for the next Galaxy note. i might be wrong but i doubt they would make this kind of move

  1. Liron Hazan

    Maybe 64-bit phones with 4GB RAM in the premium series
    and 32-bit phones for the S and NOTE series with 2-3GB RAM

    • He denied that they’re going to do a premium version of the S5, which means that they’ll probably have another line altogether for premium devices.


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