Nokia celebrates 1 Million Nokia X pre-orders in China

Nokia X China Pre-Orders

The Nokia X was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated announcements of the year. And considering the pricing that Nokia is going with, it’s quite obvious that there will be massive demand in global markets. That’s exactly what we’re hearing from China, as the smartphone has reportedly registered pre-orders of over 1 million within four days since it was made available.

In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy S5 only saw 300,000 pre-orders. This is obviously an unfair comparison considering that one is a midrange device and the other is a flagship, but it does indicate the demand for midrange handsets like these [Ed note: a report by Umeng this week showed that 35% of the country’s 700M smartphones cost less than $150, which is where the Nokia X will compete]. This will also serve as a good indicator of how the smartphone will sell in other markets of the world, especially developing regions.

The Nokia X is priced at around €100 in global markets, which is going to be the key to its success. The Finnish manufacturer will also launch the Nokia X+ and the XL in these regions soon, both of which will cost slightly more but cater to the same set of consumers.

So what’s your take on the Nokia X? Is it available in your region yet and do you want to buy it?

[Weibo via CNBeta]