Everything you need to know about Android rooting and custom ROMs


Over the last few weeks, we have written several guides about rooting and custom ROMs — what are they, their advantages/disadvantages and some tips that you should keep in mind during the whole procedure. Below is a quick roundup of the whole series, just in case you missed the individual articles.


What is it? Wondering what rooting is and how will it benefit you? Read this post to know.

Things to before rooting: Before you jump to rooting your device, make sure to follow these tips. They will help in making the whole process of rooting relatively easier for you.

Glossary: Here is a glossary of all the terms that you might come across while trying to root your device.

Finding the source: There are a variety of sources where you can find a rooting guide for your device but keep in mind that sometimes, the whole process of rooting is simply not worth it.

The best root apps: Rooted your device? Here are the top apps that you can now run on it.

Custom ROMs

What are they and how are they useful? In a nutshell, custom ROMs are a modified firmware for your device. They are a great way of improving the performance and stability, while also adding new features. This article explains it in more details.

Things to do before and after: Just like rooting, there are a lot of things that you need to do before as well as after installing a custom ROM.

Difference compared to rooting and flashing mods: Wondering how exactly is installing a custom ROM different from rooting and how are they interconnected? This article should help clear all your doubts.

Deciding on a custom ROM: Learn how to avoid all the marketing buzzwords and decide on a custom ROM for your device

The best ROMs available: There are quite a few custom ROMs available out there but only a few of them standout from the crowd with their right mix of features and tweaks.

How did you find the series? Did we miss anything? Drop in a comment and do let us know!