The 5 Best LG G2 Cases


I have owned an LG G2 for a couple of months now and, being an accessory addict, I have bought several cases for it that friends and family always question me about. They often want to know the brand, price and provenance of my cases as I always go for minimalist, protective but quite eye-catching designs. That’s why I decided to share this with you with a list of my top 5 LG G2 cases.

Before I start enumerating, you’ll notice that all of these cases are TPU-based and only cover the sides and back of the phone. I have been buying covers for five years and no matter how many other types I purchase, I always find myself only using the jelly TPU cases on a daily basis. Flip cases are cumbersome if you check your phone often, hard cases often snap off the phone when it falls on the floor, silicon cases collect a lot of dust, and tough cases are too bulky without any real benefit.

By comparison, TPU-based cases wrap around most of the phone, absorb shock without snapping off, are quite thin and flexible, provide excellent grip, and leave the screen accessible at all times. I have dropped each of my smartphones and tablets at least 20 or 30 times while covered in a TPU case and no harm was ever sustained, so I am firmly convinced of their efficiency.

1. Nekeda Pt Sapiano Jelly

Out of all the cases I have found and/or tried for the LG G2, this one is my favorite. I like colors but I also don’t want my phone to look like a Christmas ornament and the Nekeda provides the right mix of both. It’s a black based TPU case so you only see black rims from the front and the sides of the phone while using it, but turn it around and you have a matte and slightly leather-like material in one of six colors.

The case is also perfectly cut for all of the ports, and wraps around the front enough to hold the phone but not a lot as to hamper usability. The G2 has very narrow bezels so any case that protrudes a lot makes swiping from the edge of the screen in order to open side menus clumsy.

The Nekeda Pt Sapiano case balances black edges with colorful backs
The Nekeda Pt Sapiano case balances black edges with colorful backs

Buy: Nekeda Pt Saffiano Jelly case $8.70 from eBay with free worldwide shipping.

2. Goospery Pearl Jelly

I have been a fan of Mercury/Goospery cases for two years now and this was an instant buy for my LG G2. Their cases are available in 11 different colors ranging from flashy to pastel and sober, with very tiny glitter-like freckles inside that you only see if you look closely and under a specific light direction. The Goospery case is slightly thinner than the Nekeda, and the side edges are even smaller for a quasi-seamless side-swiping operation on the G2.

The Goospery case is colorful, shiny, yet very stylish
The Goospery case is colorful, shiny, yet very stylish

Buy: Goospery Pearl Jelly case for $6.45 from eBay with free worldwide shipping.

3. Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit

If you’re an Android fan, you won’t settle for less than this Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit case. It has transparent sides, a more opaque back, with a Droid etching and a board circuit design. The various levels of transparency along with the mix of matte and shiny material give this case a unique look that will always attract eyes. The color selection is a bit dull, but I have the dark blue version and it looks very classy on my black LG G2.

On the downside, the case wraps around the front more than the Nekeda and the Goospery, stopping on the exact edge of the screen, which makes side-swiping a little more cumbersome with it.

The Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit case is for the real Android fan
The Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit case is for the real Android fan

Buy: Cruzerlite Budgroid Circuit case for $12.90 from Amazon.

4. Tudia Melody Series

I stumbled on this case by accident on Amazon and decided to give it a go. The Tudia Melody uses two blends of TPU — like the Cruzerlite — with a matte back mixed with shiny sides and embossed music equalizer pattern. It is quite unique and beautiful to look at, and comes is several variants for all versions of the LG G2 on US operators — note that the T-Mobile/Sprint variant works on the international G2. However, there are only 4 colors available and it suffers from the same issue as the Bugdroid with the front edges wrapping right until they reach the edge of the screen.

The Tudia Melody case is quite unique looking with a mix of matte and shiny TPU parts.
The Tudia Melody case is quite unique looking with a mix of matte and shiny TPU parts.

Buy: Tudia Melody Series for $9.90 from Amazon (T-Mobile / Sprint / International version).

5. Spigen Slim Armor

Ok, this Spigen case slightly breaks my rule of not using dual-layered cases, but that’s for a good reason. It has a black TPU base that wraps around the phone and protects it very well, but also comes with a hard polycarbonate shell in one of 5 different colors that snaps on top of it. The quality and the design are quite eye-catching and that’s what makes this the fifth case on this list.

It's dual-layered but that doesn't stop the Spigen Slim Armor from looking great!
It’s dual-layered but that doesn’t stop the Spigen Slim Armor from looking great!

Buy: Spigen Slim Armor case for $19.90 from Amazon.

Which of these cases have you bought or will you be buying for your LG G2? Do let us know, and don’t forget to mention if you have a different case that we missed mentioning in this list.