Leaked photos of updated S Voice app


A couple of days ago we saw some leaked screenshots of Samsung’s S-Health app with a flatter look, following Google’s Holo guideline. Today, the folks over at SamMobile have managed to get their hands on screenshots of the new version of S-Voice. For the unknown, S-Voice is Samsung’s competitor to Apple’s Siri and to a certain extent Google’s Voice Action. Unlike the S-Health app, the re-designed S-Voice looks pretty bland though. Hopefully, the app is still under development and Samsung is still playing around with the right color combination and background.


The app does have a flatter look, keeping in line with the S-Health app and Google’s guidelines. According to SamMobile, there are no new major changes in this version of S-Voice except for voice detection becoming faster.

In all probability, we are going to see Samsung unveil the new version of all its apps when it unveils the Galaxy S5 later this month.