LG G2 Mini hands-on leave everyone uninspired


The LG G2 Mini made its official debut this week in a press release, but is now being handled by everyone at Mobile World Congress. The miniature phone that shares almost nothing with its bigger counterpart except the design language, has left almost everyone feeling slightly let down. Here are a few hands-on videos for you to make your own opinion.

In the first hands-on video by Android Police, we get a quick spin around the phone, along with a demo of the Knock Code functionality that it shares with the other new phone from LG, the G Pro 2. The device is shown to be responsive and fast, a good feat for a mid-ranger.

Android Authority’s video takes a second to share with us the story behind the phone. Apparently, LG didn’t aim to please the high-end crowd with a small and more pocketable phone — like Sony did with their Z1 compact. Instead, they wanted to provide an entry point into the LG brand for people who are not looking for the best specifications. The video also points out that the G2 Mini shares the G Pro 2’s matte finish, as opposed to the G2’s glossy one.

A third hands-on video by PhoneArena pits the G2 Mini against the iPhone 5S. Obviously, this comparison makes very little sense in the real world, because these devices target such a different demographic, but it is nonetheless interesting if only to see what a “mini” phone by Android’s standards looks like next to the flagship iPhone. Spoiler: it is wider!

PhoneArena has also worked on a couple of other videos of the G2 Mini that you can find below, including a regular hands-on video and a comparison with the LG G2.