Acer Liquid E3 demo videos show front LED flash and notification muting


Acer has announced their mid-range Liquid E3 device earlier this week and we already have a couple of hands-on videos from MWC that showcase the phone’s differentiating features, namely its front-facing LED flash for well lit selfies.

The first hands-on video by PhoneArena walks through the phone’s exterior with its plastic body, display, 13MP slightly protruding camera and the Acer RAPID key. The latter is a shortcut button placed below the camera, borrowing from LG’s smart button placement on the back of their recent smartphones.

The second video is a demo by an Acer employee that goes through a couple of the phone’s features. There, we see the front LED flash in action and the Acer RAPID key being used to unlock the phone, launch a favorite app with a short click and the camera with a long one. There is also a glimpse at Acer’s notification muting feature, which will allow you to mute specific apps for 1 hour, 24 hours, or forever. The Liquid E3 will also unlock with a simple swipe on the screen, without the need to press any buttons — another feature reminiscent of LG’s double-tap to unlock.