T-Mobile USA to start selling the G Flex on February 5th, will bundle half a year of Netflix

Why do people buy phones with big screens? Because it’s easier to read text and watch movies on a larger display. So what’s the best thing you can bundle with the 6.0 inch LG G Flex? Six months of Breaking Bad, Parks and Recreation, Orange is the new Black, and whatever else Netflix has to offer. That’s right, T-Mobile USA is throwing in half a year of Netflix for those willing to subscribe to their service. How much will the phone itself cost? You can either pay $672 for it outright, or pay $0 down and then have 24 installments of $28 per month.

When will you be able to buy the phone? February 5th, which is less than a week after it shows up on Sprint, and about two weeks after it shows up on AT&T. Should you buy this phone? Well, that’s complicated.

Let’s start with that 6.0 inch display. Yes, it’s curved, but it’s “only” 720p, meaning there are phones out there with superior panels. Then there’s the issue of panel quality. G Flex owners in Korea are complaining that their screens are starting to bubble after only a few months of owning the phone. The rest of the phone is solid: Snapdragon 800, 2 GB of RAM, massive battery. But we’re less than two months away from seeing 2014 flagship phones from Samsung, Sony, HTC, and even LG themselves, who has openly admitted they’ll launch the “G Pro 2” at Mobile World Congress.

Look, progress is amazing, and I can’t tell you not to be an early adopter. If you want that curved screen, then buy the phone and be merry, but as a general precaution, I urge everyone to wait for the second or third generation.