Samsung shares details about the Galaxy S5, Note 4, and Gear 2 in Bloomberg interview

Lee Young Hee, Executive Vice president of Samsung’s Mobile Business sat down with Bloomberg Businessweek a few days ago and spilled the beans on a few of the company’s 2014 products. Starting with the Galaxy S5, she says that it’ll be announced in either March or April. Unlike the Galaxy S4, which “consumers couldn’t really feel much difference between” it and the S3, Samsung will “go back to the basics” with the S5. She says the two key areas of focus for the S5 will be “the display and the feel of the cover.” Samsung is also “studying the possibility” of including iris scanning technology with the device, but didn’t confirm whether or not it’ll be in the device.

Moving on to the Gear 2, it will be announced at the same event where the Galaxy S5 will be announced. The Gear 2 will have “more advanced functions, and the bulky design will also be improved.” That’s all that’s really known. Here’s hoping they somehow manage to make it more affordable as well, because that was one of the sore points with the original Gear.

And finally, when it comes to the Note 4, Samsung says it’s going to be targeted at people “willing to pay more for handsets”. There are no Samsung quotes to share about the Note 4’s hardware, but Bloomberg Businessweek insists that the phone will have a “three sided display” which will allow you to read your messages at an angle. Chances are that means the Note 4 will have a screen similar to the prototype pictured above that was demoed a year ago at CES.

Now I want to stress, the information above comes straight from Samsung, not from some random website. It’s a shame there weren’t more details, but you can expect a ton of leaks to occur between now and whenever the S5 hits store shelves.