Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner and 2K screen confirmed by @evleaks

This morning, @evleaks sent out two tweets, each with images, of two specific APK files that are on the Galaxy S5. For those who don’t know what an APK is, think of it as the Android equivalent of an .EXE file on your Windows computer. The two APK files in question are FingerprintService.apk and 3DTourViewer_WQHD_K.apk. Starting with the first one, it’s pretty much confirmation that the Galaxy S5 will have some sort of fingerprint sensor. Whether it’s on the front of the device like the iPhone 5s or on the rear like the HTC One Max, I don’t know.

The second APK file is a bit more confusing. I’m going to assume that “3DTour” is what Samsung calls the how-to guides that all Galaxy devices ship with. The suffix WQHD is what’s most important, with WQHD being the shorthand for a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels. That’s a 16:9 aspect ratio that can best be described as four 720p panels stuck together. How big of a screen will the Galaxy S5 have? Rumors say 5.2 inches, but again, that’s not confirmed.

When will we know everything there is to know about this phone? Supposedly Samsung will have a press conference on February 23rd in Barcelona. If they don’t, then then you should expect a press conference in March. Either way, Samsung has already told Bloomberg that the GS5 will be on the market “by April”, so that means you’ll need to wait, at most, 60 days.