Nokia’s Android phone leaks. Again.

When Nokia hired Stephen Elop to lead the company to prosperity, everyone knew he had to make several difficult decisions. When he announced that the company was going to kill all their in-house operating systems and bet the farm on Windows Phone, we all thought he had gone mad. Did he make the wrong choice? The obvious answer is yes, because the company collapsed to such a degree that Microsoft had to end up buying it so it wouldn’t go bankrupt.

Now before Nokia hit rock bottom, a team of engineers decided to try messing around with Android. The first device to run Android, codename Normandy, leaked several weeks ago. Today, another image of a Normany prototype has surfaced on Twitter thanks to user @seamissu. The prototype looks exactly like the renders that leaked, so you should be excited, right?

Not really.

Assuming Normandy will hit the market, and that’s a big assumption because Microsoft will most likely kill this project as soon as it gets approval to acquire Nokia’s handset business, it’s going to be positioned as a low end device. Are you interested in a low end device? Probably not. More importantly, however, is that Normandy isn’t going to run a proper version of Android that has Gmail, Google Maps, and access to the Play Store. Instead, it’ll run a forked version, à la Amazon Kindle Fire.

Why then are people excited about Normandy?

Because if you put the words “Android” and “Nokia” in the same headline, then the internet explodes and it starts raining kittens and puppies.

[Via: The Verge]

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