Moto X coming to Europe, it’ll cost 429 EUR ($586) in France and 380 GBP ($622) in the UK

It’s official: Motorola’s flagship smartphone, the Moto X, will be coming to Europe. According to The Economic Times, the phone will cost 429 Euros in France and 380 British pounds in the UK. Both prices are substantially higher than the $399 price tag in the United States, but hey, us Europeans are already used to being screwed when it comes to these matters.

When will the phone launch? Early next month. Besides France and the UK, Google also says the phone will come to Germany. So if you’re in Italy or Finland or any other country in the EU, chances are you’re going to be screwed, unless Motorola decides to sell the Moto X via Amazon. Motorola hasn’t exactly specified how they’re going to sell the Moto X, but I imagine it’ll be available via the same distributors that are currently peddling the Moto G.

So should you buy the European Moto X?

I’m going to have to say no, which I know sounds crazy, because I’ve written countless articles saying the Moto X is amazing, but I just think the Moto G is a better value. And I’m not saying that as an armchair analyst, there’s a Moto G in my pocket right now that I paid 200 Euros for out of my own money. I can’t imagine paying more than double the price for the Moto X when all it adds is a slightly larger screen, slightly faster processor, and 4G LTE connectivity.

When the Moto X hits 300 Euros, however, screw the Moto G, get the Moto X.

Update: The French website Le Figaro says local operator SFR will start exclusively selling the Moto X on January 31st. Come February 14th, however, and it’ll be available everywhere for the above mentioned 429 Euro price tag.

Update: Here’s some more information about the UK Moto X from Pocket-lint. They say a 32 GB model will come, but no pricing has been announced. Phones 4u, Carphone Warehouse, O2, Amazon, and Techdata will all sell the phone in black. Phones 4u has an exclusive on the white Moto X for the first three months of the phone’s availability.