Leaked image shows the Android-powered Nokia Normandy in a variety of colors


There is little doubt that Nokia’s been working on an Android device. We saw press renders last month from @evleaks and earlier today images of a prototype were served up by @seamissu. Now, @evleaks is back again with another press rendering that shows the Nokia Normandy dressed up in a variety of colors. His image is appropriately named “Nokia Normandies.”The fate of the Nokia Normandy is a big unknown. It’s obvious that Nokia has been working on this entry-level Android device for a while. You don’t produce press renderings and prototype devices on a whim. You also don’t develop a forked version of Android for a concept that’ll sit in a filing cabinet somewhere.

Microsoft, though, is a big stumbling block for the device as it likely holds the puppet strings (and the purse strings) for Nokia, especially as it inches closer to its acquisition of the Finnish company. I doubt Microsoft will let this one hit the assembly line, but it will be interesting to see if any other details about the phone hit the Internet.