HTC is hard at work on a mini version of their next flagship phone according to @evleaks

Phones have been getting bigger for years. You know that, I know that, and consumers with small hands definitely know that. Companies have only recently started responding to complaints about large screens with “mini” versions of their flagship phones. There was a Galaxy S III mini, Galaxy S4 mini, HTC One mini, and so on and so forth. According to @evleaks, HTC is planning to release a mini version of their next flagship phone, codenamed M8.

What do we know about the M8? According to the latest rumors, it’s essentially a 5.0 inch 1080p Snapdragon 800 powered device with a slightly better camera than the 2013 HTC One. What’s HTC going to sacrifice in order to make a “mini” version of that device? If you look at the HTC One mini, it had half the RAM, a horrible screen, an even smaller battery, and a plastic rim around the device instead of being all metal like the original.

While I’m not suggesting HTC is going to pull the same stunt with the M8 mini this year, I’m not exactly confident that the struggling Taiwanese handset maker is going to pull a sony and come out with a Z1 Compact that has the same specs as the bigger brother, except with a smaller screen.

More importantly, when will HTC announce the M8 mini? Will it be at the same press conference where they announce the M8? That’s something I’d like to see addressed since “mini” versions of phones often come out several months after the “big” version has hit store shelves.