February 4th launch date for red Nexus 5 “confirmed” by a leaked inventory photo

How do you boost sales of a product that’s already been out on the market for a few months? Launch it in a new color. That’s exactly what Google plans to do with the Nexus 5. Admittedly when I first heard this rumor I thought it was total BS, but now, thanks to Android Central, it appears legit. One of their readers sent in a photo taken from what appears to be an employee only Sprint email saying that a red Nexus 5 will hit Google’s Play Store on February 4th. That’s this coming Tuesday.

Will Google charge a premium for the device? Probably not, it’ll just be an option for those that are tired of black phones and white phones. Will it only be available in the United States? Too early to tell, you never really know with these things until the press release gets published.

Should you even buy a Nexus 5? If I had $350 to spend, I wouldn’t buy it. Instead, I’d get a Moto X. It’s more pocketable, it has all those cool voice activation tricks, and despite Motorola being acquired by Lenovo, I still think that the engineers who worked on the Moto X will keep that thing up to date in order to preserve the reputation of the Motorola brand.

Then again, I’d also have no problem recommending the $180 Moto G and spending the remaining $170 on more important things, like food and warm clothes.