Pebble pushes out PebbleOS version 1.14, adds do not disturb, alarm controls, and fixes bugs

I never really took the whole wearable computing thing seriously until Samsung invited me (and a whole bunch of other journalists) out to lunch and slapped a Galaxy Gear on my wrist. After 48 hours with the product, I knew the company was onto something. But it isn’t the Gear that gets all the press these days, it’s the Pebble. After launching on Kickstarter, the Pebble has become synonymous with the term “wearable computing”, and today it’s just got an update.

Version 1.14 adds a feature that at first doesn’t sound like it makes a lot of sense. Why buy a Pebble to disable the notifications? Truth is, there are situations where you don’t want your watch buzzing. Say you’re at the movies, or you’re having an important dinner, of you simply want to step away from the office for your lunch break. The Pebble will now let you turn on a “do not disturb” mode that will silence the watch for a user configurable set of time.

There’s also better control of alarms, so you can create alarms right from your wrist, edit existing alarms, even set a specific snooze time. And of course, bug fixes.

So should you buy a Pebble? I have a gut feeling that we’ll be sequels to both the Pebble and the Gear within the next two to three months. I know that’s a tired old argument, that the next best thing is always around the corner, but this field is so new and innocent that it still might be a good time to wait.

But if you’re a full blown geek, then yes, go buy a smart watch.