Nokia working on a low-cost phone running its own version of Android


Nokia’s Android handset was revealed in an image leaked by evleaks last month, but details on the phone were sparse. Thanks to a report by The Verge, we have new information that sheds some light on this mystery device from the Finnish handset maker.According to sources familiar with the project, Nokia still is working on an Android phone. Codenamed Normandy, the device will run a forked version of Android that will differentiate the device from Google’s own Android phones. The device will target the low-end market, filling a niche that the company’s Asha phones failed to break into.

The future of the device is still very much up in the air, though. Insiders claim the project is going “full steam ahead” with a targeted release date in 2014, but that may change when Microsoft takes over. It’s hard to believe Microsoft will dump resources into a project that is based on a competitor’s platform. It’s likely that Microsoft will refocus the company on Windows Phone once the acquisition is complete.