LG Chromebase: It’s a 21.5 inch 1080p Intel powered Chrome OS running all in one PC

It’s been a few years since Google announced Chrome OS, the Linux powered operating system that runs the company’s web browser and not much else. Since then we’ve seen various laptops powered by it, and even a small mini-computer with ports to connect your own monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Today, LG is announcing that they’re going to take Chrome OS and slap it on an all-in-one PC. You know the kind I’m talking about, the screens that have all the guts buried in the back, à la Apple’s iMac.

The Chromebase, as LG calls it, is powered by an Intel Celeron chip, it has 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of flash storage, and a 21.5 inch 1080p IPS display. Said display can also be used as a monitor, courtesy of the HDMI port on the back. LG hasn’t said when the Chromebase will start shipping or how much it’ll cost, but they’ve stated that they’re not going to target the device to consumers. Instead, it’ll be aimed at schools and businesses that want a maintenance free system.

Assuming this thing does show up at your local electronics store, should you buy it? That all depends on the price and the size of your house. If you have room for yet another computer in your life, and want something that your kids, your friends, anyone can use, then why not? The difference between this and Samsung’s 11.6 inch Chromebook is that you’ll have a hell of a better time showing people the latest funny on YouTube on a 21.5 inch desktop than a dinky little laptop.