KitKat Launcher+ brings Google Experience launcher with the right amount of customizations


The new Google Experience Launcher (GEL) in Android 4.4 KitKat provides quick and easy access to Google Now, along with the ‘Ok, Google’ functionality. However, the launcher is still pretty barebones in nature and lacks a lot of customization options. Some frustrating issues with the Launcher include an off center home screen, the lack of ability to create an empty home screen and extra ordinarily huge icons that waste precious screen size. 

While third party launchers like Nova or Apex solve all the above issues and provide a lot of customization options, but then they move away from providing that stock experience. In comes KitKat Launcher+ from developer Björn Vermeule, which is compiled straight from the AOSP source code with just the right amount of tweaks and customization options.

Below is a quick feature list of the launcher -:

• Hide the Google Search Bar
• Change grid size
• Enable a set amount of screens (do not automatically remove empty screens)

• Change grid size

• Automatically center home screen
• Configure home button behavior

• Backup and Restore
• Access to App Ops to manage app permissions

• Optimized filesize

Sadly, KitKat Launcher+ does not provide quick access to Google Now or the ‘Ok, Google’ feature, since that part of the GEL has not been open-sourced by Google. The transparent status and navigation bar feature is still present though.

The launcher is only compatible with Android 4.3+ devices and can be downloaded for free from the Play Store.