Galaxy S4 catches fire; Samsung wants user to take down video before replacing it

S4 case

It is no secret that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has had some battery issues. Many users have reported about the device battery swelling or barely holding charge within weeks of use. After some investigation, Samsung has been offering free replacement to the affected users. However, there is more to this theory than what Samsung would like us to know about.

Quite a few Galaxy S4 owners have reported that their phone caught fire, or the charging port got burned while the device was on charge. Recently, a Galaxy S4 owner, GhostlyRich posted a video on YouTube showing his Galaxy S4 catching fire while it was still on charge. Considering this was a technical fault and the device was still under warranty, he was entitled to a free warranty repair.

Instead of repairing the device though, Samsung has sent the user a notice to takedown the video, only after which the company would replace his device.

Below is the said video in question -:

While a burnt Galaxy S4 is always a bad news for Samsung, this move from the company is not going to help its reputation on the Internet in any way. After all, the device was in warranty and the user was entitled to a free repair/replacement. Why does he need to takedown his video?

With the takedown notice being made public, Samsung has no other option but to apologize to the user and offer him a free replacement for his burnt Galaxy S4.

Via – Neowin