Galaxy Note 3 sales hit 10 million units

Samsung has just announced, via their Korean corporate blog, that sales of the Galaxy Note 3 have just hit 10 million units. Considering that the phone launched on September 25th, that’s quite impressive for a device many people like to point and laugh at for being too big. Now to put this 10 million figure into some perspective, it took four months for the Note II and nine months for the first Note to hit the same milestone.

Translation: Phablets are actually starting to become a thing.

Besides the size, what else makes the Note 3 special? It packs a stylus that uses a proper digitizer from Wacom. It has a Snapdragon 800 that’s paired up with 3 GB of RAM, which no one else is currently doing. And it launched with support for Samsung’s first smart watch, the Galaxy Gear.

But should you buy the Note 3? If you can put up with the size, and don’t mind the outrageous price tag, then sure. My main SIM card is in a Note 3 as I write this, and it’s a fine piece of equipment, but it’s also 700 Euros. Truth be told, I’d rather buy a Nexus 5. And if I was in America, I’d buy a Moto X with zero hesitation.

There’s also the whole Galaxy S5 issue. Rumor has it it’ll hit the market in less than four months with a metal body, 16 megapixel camera, gigantic 4,000 mAh battery, and the same Snapdragon 800 plus 3 GB of RAM combo in the Note 3. If really you want a Samsung phone, that’s the one to wait for.