ASUS holding a press conference on January 6th, plans to show off something ‘incredible’

ASUS is sending members of the press an invitation to an event scheduled to take place on January 6th in Las Vegas. The text on the invitation reads “IN SEARCH OF INCREDIBLE”. What exactly could the company be planning? This is ASUS we’re talking about here, the question is what are they not planning? At the company’s Computex press event during the summer, they announced what felt like a twenty different devices. Some tablets, some phones, some phone-tablets, some tablet-phones, and a bunch of laptop-tablet-submarine hybrids. So what’s next?

Chances are we’ll see yet another budget tablet get announced. The $150 MeMoPad is now half a year old, so a refreshed model with either better specs or a lower price tag is due. I wouldn’t be surprised to see ASUS do something crazy and announce a $99 tablet. Not that those don’t already exist, they do, but not from a brand that’s as recognized as ASUS.

And in terms of phones, when was the last time ASUS was known for their smartphones? Have you ever seen anyone walking around with an ASUS handset? Exactly, now why is that? ASUS is in the awkward situation of being just like HTC, meaning they get the parts that Samsung, LG, and Sony don’t buy. So whatever ASUS does announce next month, I can guarantee you it won’t be as high end as whatever will be announced at Mobile World Congress by the “proper” handset makers.

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