Android Apps and Games on Sale for Christmas [Roundup]


With Christmas just around the corner, most app developers have put up their apps and games on sale to celebrate the Christmas spirit. If you have got yourself a new Android device this holiday season, now would be the perfect time to grab some of the most popular apps and games of this year on the Play Store, while they are on sale. 



Sadly, the list of apps on sale is not as exhaustive as the games list above.

There are quite a lot of quality games and apps in the list above so definitely make sure to grab them on the cheap. If we missed any game or app, do drop in a comment and let us know.

3 Responses to “Android Apps and Games on Sale for Christmas [Roundup]”

  1. androidGuy

    Swiftkey is $ 2.43 not $ 1.99 not sure if the price is different from one country to another

  2. RTSpewFreak

    Hey Folks and Rajesh(if you see this),

    I’m one of the devs of an oriental-style RTS game – Autumn Dynasty. We’ve recently ported our game over to Android after positive feedback on iOS and BlackBerry World.

    From Christmas to the New Year, our game will be having a 40% price drop to UD2.99. If I could trouble you guys to check out the game (Google Play – – I promise it’ll be worth it!



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