LG working a sequel to the G Flex that can allegedly bend 90 degrees forward

The LG G Flex is the world’s second phone to ship with a flexible display. Samsung’s Galaxy Round was the first, but that doesn’t really matter since it’ll never leave South Korea, whereas the G Flex is scheduled to come to Europe and the United States in early 2014. But enough back story, I want to talk about the successor to the G Flex.

You know as well as I do that a (good) phone takes at least two years to develop, and that before the G Flex was even announced, the company was already drawing up the sketches for the G Flex II. According to ZD|Net Korea, they have some inside knowledge about the device. They say that the screen will bend 90 degrees forward. For those less mathematically inclined, that’s not folding. Folding is 180 degrees, so imagine the G Flex II being a device you can bend like a Lenovo ThinkPad with a stiff hinge.

What good is a phone that can bend 90 degrees? That’s a good question. If the phone is actually bendable, meaning it’s not a curve that’s fixed into place like the original G Flex, but a bonafide bendy smartphone, then that’ll do wonders for impact resistance. Also, it’ll slip in and out of pockets easier if it can hug your legs.

When will this phone come out? At some point in 2014, but I can’t be any more specific than that, sadly. When ZD|Net Korea reached out to LG for comment, they obviously didn’t say anything about the G2, but they did note that in 2015 they’ll have phones that can fold like a piece of paper folds.

Now that is what I want to see!