Intel to make 50,000 ‘Tesla’ phones in Serbia

Once upon a time, Intel was a brand that used to mean something. You didn’t buy a computer unless there was an Intel logo either on the machine itself or on the box that it came in. But now that personal computers are no longer interesting, and all anyone wants these days is a phone or tablet, Intel is put in the awkward position of being an irrelevant player. Don’t believe me? Try to answer this question: Has any phone you’ve owned in the past five years had an Intel chip inside?

The company is obviously trying to change that, and we’ve seen how their new chips can deliver a day or two of battery life while also running the latest Android apps, but that’s just not enough. So what better way to enter the phone market than to just build the phone yourself? According to Serbian website B92, that’s exactly what Intel plans on doing.

At some point in 2014, Intel plans on making 50,000 smartphones in the country under the brand name “Tesla”. Nikola Tesla, the famous scientist, was part Serbian, which is why the name was chosen. Focusing on the phone for a second, there are no pictures, no specs, nothing, but you shouldn’t worry yourself too much because Intel has no plans to sell this phone outside the country.

Why then is this even news? Because I firmly believe that the only company that can crack Qualcomm’s dominance in the mobile chip space is Intel. Maybe not this year, maybe not in 2014, but at some point in the near future Intel will get their act together and come out with a highly competitive solution that’ll power a flagship phone from Samsung or HTC or Motorola.