Google Glass gets official Play Music Integration along with $85 earbuds


This month’s Google Glass software update included a nice new hidden feature – the ability to play music right from Google Glass using a sideloaded Play Music APK. Google has now gone ahead and made this feature official, along with a pricey $85 earbuds. 

The announcement was made from the official Google Glass profile on Google Plus (they need to attract traffic after all!) with a video from Young Guru, an acclaimed DJ, producer and audio engineer. Over the next few weeks, Google Glass owners would be able to access and play their vast library of Play Music All Access by simply saying “Okay Glass, listen to”.

Google also introduced a pair of extremely light weight earbuds, made specifically for Glass worth $85. The earbuds will come with five interchangeable color caps so that they match your daily fashion style. They should be a nice step up from the bone conduction earpiece on the current gen Glass, and should make music listening a better experience.

If you cannot wait for Google to roll out the update officially, you can manually sideload the Play Music APK on your Glass and try out the feature now.