Over 175,000 people have signed an online petition to get Google+ off YouTube

Ecosystem is an overused and abused term, but it’s the most appropriate word to use when describing the war currently taking place in the mobile phone industry. Either you join Apple’s ecosystem and buy their phones, apps from the App Store, and movies/music from iTunes, or you join Google’s ecosystem and use Android, Gmail, Google Drive, the Google Play Store, and more recently, Google+. The recent decision to integrate Google+ into YouTube have angered quite a few web surfers, so much so that they’re demanding Google turn YouTube back into what it was earlier this year.

If you head on over to Change.org, a website where people can form a petition for damn near anything they please, you’ll find that over 175,000 people have “signed” their name to a document that says Google should take Google+ off YouTube. Will Google listen to this petition? Absolutely not, they want their social network to be put in front of the eyes of as many people as possible because they’re competing with Facebook and Twitter.

But taking a step back, why did Google even change the way YouTube works? Because YouTube comments were … let’s just say they weren’t very helpful most of the time. The hope with integrating Google+ was that people would act more civil because they would have their name attached to their comments. Unfortunately, it looks like verbal abuse persists.

Like I said, Google isn’t going to listen to you, but thanks for trying anyway.