Nexus 5 page accidentally goes live on the Play Store; Confirms name and pricing!


As if all the leaks were not enough, Google itself went ahead and accidentally put the new Nexus 5 page live on the Play Store for quite sometime. Thanks to this mistake from Google, quite a few things are now confirmed about the Nexus 5. 

Firstly, the device will officially be called the Nexus 5 and not the new Nexus 4 as was rumored, initially. Secondly, the high resolution images of the device from the Play Store confirm the new icons along with a transparent status and navigation bar.


Lastly, Google would be selling the 16GB version of the new Nexus 5 from $349 itself matching the price point of the last year’s Nexus 4 as pointed out by the folks over at Droid Life.

Also, the Nexus 5 tagline of “Capture the everyday and the epic in fresh new ways”, suggests that Google has definitely laid emphasis on the camera of the device this time.

With such a mistake happening from Google itself, I think the official announcement is not far away. The Internet giant might announce the new Nexus hardware and Android 4.4 KitKat without any event as soon as on Monday itself.