LG confirms that curved OLED displays are in mass production


Earlier today, The Verge managed to get their hands on some pictures and video of the upcoming LG G Flex, showing off its curved 6-inch display. 

The Verge’s sources suggested that the G Flex will only be released in South Korea and will only see a limited retail availability like Samsung’s Galaxy Round. The folks over at OLED-Info had a talk with LG officials, who have provided some insightful information about the G Flex and the company’s plan on curved OLED displays.

LG officials have confirmed that the mass production for the 6-inch flexible OLED display is well underway. This same display will be used in the company’s upcoming G Flex handset.

Currently, LG Display can produce 6000 substrate a month, which can provide 400,00 flexible OLED panels at 100% yield. LG does not plan on expanding its production capacity at the moment, as it wants to see how the market and consumers react to this new technology. The company will also be releasing new OLED panels with “enhanced performance and differentiated designs” next year.