LG confirms their 6 inch flexible OLED panel

Ever since Samsung started showing off flexible smartphone sized AMOLED displays at tradeshows several years ago, people have been wondering when the transition from product concept to actual product would take place. According to the rumors floating around the internets, it’ll happen this year, and potentially as early as this month, thanks to both Samsung and LG. Focusing on LG for a moment, there have been reports that they’re going to release a 6″ device using a flexible AMOLED, and that it would be called “G Flex”. Today, that device is one step closer to being official.

LG has a funny way of spoiling their product announcements. Take the G2 for example. Before the phone was officially unveiled, the company announced it would have a Snapdragon 800, it announced it would have a 5.2 inch LCD, it announced it would come with ringtones from a boy’s choir, and they even announced cases for the phone, again, before the phone itself. Today the company published a press release announcing a 6″ flexible AMOLED display. I’ll leave it to your imagination about which device will be the first to use that panel.

What else do we know about this display? It’s 0.44 mm thick, weighs 7.2 grams, it’s supposed to be “unbreakable” since it uses a plastic substrate, and that’s it. No word on resolution. If it’s anything less than 1080p, except to hear the sounds of tormented souls arise from the depths of hell.

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