HTC EVO 3D stops a bullet, Saves owner’s life in an attempted robbery


HTC’s marketing skills are, arguably, among the worst in the mobile tech industry. The company has consistently failed to highlight some of the key features of its devices, that make it stand out from the competition. Now, it looks like HTC phones come with another hidden feature that can be potentially life-saving for many. 

A convenience store clerk was shot by a thief but miraculously survived with minor injuries, as his phone – an HTC EVO 3D – sacrificed his life to save that of its owner. According to investigators, when the suspect left the store, he fired a single round that struck one of the clerk in his abdomen, which he never realized. It was only later that investigators found out that the clerk had been shot, but was saved by his trustworthy HTC EVO 3D.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time that an HTC phone has sacrificed its life to save its owner. Previously, an original HTC EVO 4G had deflected a bullet aimed at the owner’s chest and sacrificed its life in the process.

Time to include this new feature in your marketing campaign HTC?

Via – MyNews