Google prepping for Glass version 2.0 with new swap program for current Glass owners


Google indirectly announced today that it is updating its Google Glass wearable computer to version 2.0 sometime this year. The company revealed this juicy tidbit in a post describing some changes to its Google Explorers program. The Explorer program is for early adopters of Google Glass who are willing to wear and provide feedback about the wearable device . It’s available by invite only to US residents.

Google confirmed that current customers who bought their Google Glass device before October 28, 2013 will be eligible for a one-time swap program that’ll allow them to turn in their original Google Glass product for  the next version. This soon-to-be-released Glass version includes a mono earbud and adds support for prescription glasses and sunglasses.

Besides this free upgrade. Google Explorer program members will also get three invites that they can share with their friends. This allows three lucky people to buy a Google Glass device for $1500 and join the Explorers program. Anyone interested in Google Glass, either the current version or a future model?