WTF: Samsung region locking the Galaxy Note 3, even if you purchase a fully unlocked unit

Are you sitting down? Because I have some news for you that will make you want to shove your first through a wall. About an hour ago, David Meyer from GigaOM filed an article saying Samsung was region locking the Galaxy Note 3. By region locking I mean a Galaxy Note 3 purchased in Europe will only work in Europe. His evidence was a photo (above) of the retail packaging taken by the UK phone seller Clove.

This made me wonder, is the locking a European only thing? Yesterday, before going to bed, I watched Michael Fisher from Pocket-now unbox his own Galaxy Note 3. He showed his audience all sides of the retail Note 3 box, admittedly a part I skipped over since I’m not too interested. But after re-watching Fisher’s video this morning, I was appalled to see the same sticker that Clove spotted, but this time saying an American Note 3 can only be used in North, South, and Central America.

There’s no nice way to put this, so pardon me: What the fuck, Samsung? People buy unlocked phones so they can use them on any operator in any country. I personally bought a Note II in Malaysia knowing full well that it’ll work just fine in Europe and the United States.

Expect hell to be made over this issue.

Update: It appears that the Hong Kong Note 3 doesn’t have any of this bullshit.