Qualcomm veteran now VP at MediaTek

Kristin Taylor is a name you’re probably not familiar with, but she’s been with Qualcomm for 15 years, and most recently served as the company’s head of analyst relations. According to DigiTimes, she will now “lead MediaTek’s worldwide analyst relations and US marketing communications, and report to company chief marketing officer Johan Lodenius.”

Why is this important? There’s a very high probability that the Android device you currently own has a Qualcomm SoC inside. See, not too long ago, making phones was hard. You had to get the CPU from someone, the modem from someone else, slap everything together, and hope that you could fix all the integration bugs in six to nine months.

With Snapdragon, Qualcomm changed everything. They put everything you needed to make a phone or tablet into a neat package that allowed a room full of engineers to come out with a product in the span of 30 days if they wanted.

Here’s where MediaTek comes in.

They do what Qualcomm does, but far cheaper. Their stuff isn’t as good as the stuff Qualcomm makes, but that’s quickly changing, and soon it’s not even going to matter since hardware honestly has reach a state of “good enough” for the majority of people out there.

Don’t kid yourself. You’re a nerd. When people find out you spent $700 on your phone, they think you’re mental. The next big market are those hundreds of millions of people who want a $300 or $200 phone, and that’s where MediaTek excels.

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