LG to launch a $400 5.5″ phablet with a stylus

Big phones are a thing now, so regardless of what you think about them, you kind of just have to accept that this is the new reality. Now the thing with big phones is that they usually come with a big price tag. Only recently we’ve started to see that change with devices like the Samsung Galaxy Grand and Samsung Galaxy Mega. Now LG wants to enter that game with a device that Unwired View says will be known as the LG G Pro Lite.

For those who don’t remember the LG G Pro, it was a 5.5 inch 1080p beast of a phone that was powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 and pitted as a competitor to the Galaxy Note II. It was also not very cheap. The G Pro Lite swaps out that 1080p panel for a similarly sized 540 by 960 pixel display. Also, forget about 2 GB of RAM, you’re going to have to do with half that. And you can kiss that Snapdragon 600 goodbye, it’s going to be replaced by an unnamed dual core 1 GHz SoC. There will be a stylus, however, and the price is what will make it sing.

At $400, the G Pro Lite’s biggest competitor will ironically be the year old Galaxy Note II. Once the Note 3 becomes easier to find, and the market gets flooded with cheap Note II units, the jump between a $400 G Pro Lite and an aged, but still capable flagship phablet of 2012 isn’t going to be that great.

Still, here’s hoping LG does manage to push some units. We need strong players in this game.