Data Point: Galaxy Note sales hit 38 million

Buried in the bottom of this article about Samsung’s tablet sales in Germany are two numbers about Samsung’s Galaxy Note devices that are quite important. The first is 38 million. That’s the number of Galaxy Note I and Note II devices sold, total. How many of those were the first Note and how many of them were the second Note? That wasn’t mentioned. The second number is 10 million. That’s the number of Note 3 units JK Shin expects to sell, which shouldn’t be a hard target to achieve.

So what can we interpret from these numbers? The Note I hit the market in the fourth quarter of 2011. One year later, the Note II landed. That means Samsung has been selling, on average, 4.75 million Notes a quarter since first introducing the world to the “phablet” product category.

In other words, big phones are here to stay.

How much bigger can they get? After reviewing the Galaxy Mega 6.3, I was quite upset to discover that the Note 3 would have a display that “only” measures 5.68 inches on the diagonal. While I personally think 6.3 inches is too big, I feel like Samsung should aim for 5.9 inches or 6.0 inches with the Note 4. As ludicrous as some of you think that is, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.