APK Teardown reveals Ads are coming to Gmail for Android


A few days ago, Google started rolling out a major update for the Gmail for Android that brought with it a new Cards UI and other enhancements. Every Google app update hides within itself some dark secrets about what the potential features that might come in a future update, and the Gmail update is no exception. 

These secrets are usually dug out by Android Police team via their excellent  APK Teardowns and the Gmail update is no exception. The teardown suggests that Google would be “definitely” bringing ads to Gmail for Android, probably in a similar way as the newly introduced ads in the Promotions tab, with the ability to save an ad or dismiss it.

Video thumbnail for youtube video Google will shove filters down your throat with the new Gmail, and power users will complain

The tear down does not reveal any other potential feature that an update might bring in the future. However, Artem does highlight some of the new and minor features introduced in the new update including a warning about unsent messages, due to poor connectivity or any other issue, being present in your Sent folder. Other minor features include darker UI icons, and killing the Cancel button from the Send Message pop-up window.

Before you start bitching about Google, keep in mind that the company offers majority of its services for free and uses ads to earn profit.