Samsung Exec confirms Note III and Galaxy Gear launch for September 4th (next week!)

Lee Young-hee, executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile business, told The Korea Times that Samsung will be unveiling the Galaxy Note III and Galaxy Gear smartwatch on September 4th. She doesn’t go into detail about either of the two devices, but she does confirm that the watch “won’t have a flexible display” and that it runs Android.

From the leaks that have been circulating around the internet, what else is known about these two devices? With regards to the watch, I’m sad to say nothing. There are rumors saying it’ll have a camera integrated into the wrist strap, but other than that, nada.

As for the Galaxy Note III, the spec sheet has been thoroughly leaked. It’ll have a 5.68 inch 1080p AMOLED display, 3 GB of RAM, 13 megapixel camera, and it’ll be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800. There will also be an Exynos octa-core variant, but like the Galaxy S4, it looks like Samsung is having issues bringing that chip to market.

How close is September 4th? It’s next Wednesday.