Oh look, the front of the Note III just leaked

Samsung’s been getting really good at keeping their devices secret. Sure, spec sheets are one thing, but in terms of product shots, you’ll almost never see a Samsung phone or tablet leak until it’s just a week away from being announced. With the company’s September 4th press conference just eight days away, I’m pleased to report that images of the Note III’s front panel have leaked.

Unsurprisingly, the device looks like a cross between a Note II and a Galaxy S4. The corners are far less rounded those on the Note II, which is sitting right next to me as I type this. In one of the photos, which I purposefully over-brightened, you can get a pretty good look at how thin the bezels are on the side of the screen.

Speaking about the screen, just how big is it? Rumors say it’ll measure 5.68 inches diagonally, which isn’t that much larger than the 5.5 inches found in the Note II. That being said, the Note III will allegedly have a Snapdragon 800 under the hood, 3 GB of RAM, a 13 megapixel camera, and some ridiculous battery close to 3,500 mAh.

Circling back to what I said earlier, Samsung is holding an event on September 4th. That’s when we’ll finally find out everything there is to know about the company’s new flagship.

[Via: Engadget]

Update: The original pictures in this article, from the website HDBlog, have been replaced with photos from ETrade Supply because they’re of far higher quality.