More Americans (unsurprisingly) switch to the iPhone than switch to Samsung’s Galaxys

New data gathered by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners and presented by Fortune shows that 20% of iPhone buyers switched from Android, versus 7% of previous iPhone owners switching to a Samsung phone. First question: What’s the sample size? 500 people. Second, which geographic territory does this cover? The USA. Third, when was the data gathered? Every 90 days between July 2012 and June 2013.

With all that information above, should the findings come as a surprise? Not really. Nearly every smartphone sold in America is subsidized, so while you and I might know that the iPhone 5 costs $700, people in the US think it’s just $199. Given the choice between a $199 iPhone 5 or a $199 Galaxy S4, most people are going to go with the iPhone because it’s the safe choice.

If you look at Europe or Asia, Android is “winning” there because those are the parts of the world where phones are bough separately from the SIM card. Plenty of decent Android phones exist in the 300 Euro price bracket. Zero iPhones exist in the 300 Euro price bracket. This might change later this year with the introduction of the iPhone 5C, and that’s what Samsung should really be scared about.

What is “winning” anyway? Is it shipping more boxes or is it making more money? If you care about volume, Samsung is the best. If you care about money, Apple is the best. At the end of the day, you can pick just about any data point to show that your favorite company is crushing their competitors, but please don’t do that.