Future YouTube for Android update to bring multi-window like functionality!


Google is all set to take multi-tasking to the next level with an update for the YouTube app that is coming sometime soon. The new update to the YouTube app will look similar to the current app, but include a new functionality, which will be a major boon for multi-tasking. It will allow you to watch videos while simultaneously looking for new ones. 

According to Ryan – the same person who had previously leaked information about the Nexus 4, Nexus 10, Android 4.2 and much more – post the update a small arrow pointing down will appear on the top left corner. Swiping on this arrow “will create a small window at the bottom left corner of the screen where video will continue playing”. Now, whilst the video is playing in a small window, you can continue to browse through other videos without a hitch. If that is not enough, Google is also adding system wide capabilities. This means that you will be able to actually browse through your Android device with a video playing in a small window on the bottom left corner.

This functionality will be similar to  Samsung’s Multi-View multitasking as seen on the Note 2, Galaxy S3 and the S4. There should not be any performance issues, since the update worked smoothly on Ryan’s Galaxy Nexus. As mentioned earlier, the update to the YouTube app should land on the Play Store sometime in the next couple of months or maybe more, and will not be linked to Android 4.3.

Sounds awesome, right? The good news is that Google will be bringing similar functionality to all other core apps of Android as well. They have already implemented this functionality on the Calendar and Keyboard app as well, and these app should be updated sometime soon after the YouTube app update rolls in.

5 Responses to “Future YouTube for Android update to bring multi-window like functionality!”

  1. lalala

    so its currently normal for my nexus 7 to pause a youtube vid if i minimize it?

    • Rajesh

      Yep. Even if the screen times out, the video will be unloaded from RAM. You will need to buffer the whole thing again.


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