Samsung is going to hold their own developer conference, but what is their motivation?

Samsung’s devices, the ones that matter, run Android. We all know that. Google, every year, hosts a developer conference called I/O where you can find out pretty much everything there is to know about the Android operating system. With that in the back of your mind, let’s talk about today’s news: Samsung is going to host their very own developer conference this October in San Francisco.

Why? This is the part I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around. Unless Samsung plans on launching some features that are exclusive to Samsung devices, then what’s the point of showing developers how to code for TouchWiz devices? What I really think is going on is that Samsung is using this conference as a recruitment office. They want to find the best of the best talent, sit down with them behind closed doors, and build “the next big thing”.

The schedule hasn’t been posted, but that’ll likely change over the coming weeks.

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