LG unveils G2 cases before the G2 itself

LG is going to hold a press conference on August 7th in New York City where they’re going to announce their next flagship phone, the G2. The LG G2 (great name, right?) will have a 5.2 inch 1080p screen, Snapdragon 800, and other top of the line specifications.

For reasons I’m sure no one really understands, LG just published a press release announcing the first official cases for the G2. The “QuickWindow” cases, as LG calls them, are an exact clone of Samsung’s S-View covers. By that I mean they’re flip covers with a little transparent window in the middle so you can see things like who is calling you, notifications, and other glanceable type information.

Forget for a second that this has already been done, I want to focus on the fact that LG’s G2 will use LCD technology, not OLED. This is important because OLED screens only consume power to illuminate pixels that are showing information, whereas with LCD, you have an entire backlight being turned on, thus consuming far more information.

Anyway, enjoy the video below:

Update: LG put a hole in the case for the notification LED, which is actually quite brilliant.

And here’s Samsung’s case for comparison.