HTC says the One S will no longer get updates, and this is why I don’t recommend their devices

The cliché goes that what we’re carrying in our pockets are tiny computers. It’s true, which makes the software on those devices even more important. When you buy an iPhone, you know you’re virtually guaranteed to get next three versions of iOS. When you buy an Android phone however, you’re taking a gamble.

Make fun of Samsung’s cheap plastic all you want, but the Galaxy S II, which is now over two years old, runs the same version of Android that HTC ships today on their 2013 flagship device, the One. Speaking about HTC, they’ve formally announced that the One S will no longer be receiving updates.

Don’t remember the One S? Let me refresh your memory. Chances are you remember the One X, right? That was one of three devices HTC announced at Mobile World Congress in 2012. The One S was labeled as the “mid-range” device, and it had roughly the same specs as Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Mini does today. It felt gorgeous in the hand too thanks to the “plasma-baked aluminum” body.

So a device that’s still considered powerful, even by today’s standards, is now being ignored just 15 months after hitting the market. What kind of bullshit is that?

Is HTC the worst? Not by a longshot. That title goes to LG. If they issue a software update for your device, and that’s a BIG if, then chances are it’s just bug fixes, not an update to the newest version of Android. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below.