“Glass Boutique” found in Google Glass code

Remember that Google Glass software update that went out earlier this week? Turns out there was more there than meets the eye according to SlashGear. A developer by the name Zhuowei went through the code and found several new things in there that are still being worked on.

There’s the ability to lock Glass, in much the same way you lock your phone; there’s a new media player, which … have fun destroying your battery life. What’s most interesting, however, is the appearance of a “Glass Boutique”.

There are no screenshots to share, so don’t get too excited, but this is indeed confirmation that Google has plans to offer applications for people to intall on Glass, assuming Glass ever becomes a retail product.

I can’t stress this enough, Glass is an incredibly alpha product right now. If it does end up going on sale next year, and that’s a big if, it’s not going to be cheap, and it’s probably going to be targeted to a niche audience.

But, like all things that run on electricity, it’ll become cheap and ubiquitous with enough time.