Rumor: Samsung to release a 12.2 inch tablet

There was a rumor going around a week or two ago saying Apple was going to release a 12 inch iPad in 2014. According to the Korean site ET News, Samsung wants to beat Apple to this new “large tablet” market by launching a 12.2 inch tablet of their own at some point later this year.

Said tablet will have a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, it’ll have proper stylus support (like the rest of the Note family), and that’s all they can say at the present moment.

Is this rumor plausible? I tend to trust what ET News says, but when they said there was going to be an “iPad Maxi”, that trust got called into question. Now I’m thinking it’s actually a legit thing. Samsung, being one of Apple’s panel suppliers, probably knows enough about the “Maxi” that they decided to launch this product in order to get the coveted “FIRST!” badge.

The only problem I see with a 12.2 inch Android tablet is that there are no Android tablet applications. Some of you will vehemently deny this, and I salute you, but I’ve always said that if you’re going to spend more than $400 on a tablet, it better be made by Apple. And that’s actually another problem. Such a gigantic and high resolution tablet, with a digitizer, will not be cheap!

Note: Photo above is of some random Panasonic tablet.