LG to ditch the Optimus brand for flagships?

Apple has iPhone, Samsung has Galaxy, LG has … Optimus? According to the Korean publication Chosun, Samsung’s roommate is considering ditching the Optimus brand for high end devices. They even suggest that the Optimus G2 rumored to launch later this year might just be called the G2. If true, that would still be kind of awkward since you end up saying “I just got the LG G2!” in public.

Considering that LG sold a hair over 10 million smartphones in Q1 2013, they most certainly don’t have a weak brand, but they’re also definitely not associated with high end devices. Ask any technology pundit what they think about LG in private and they’ll tell you that they basically just rip Samsung off, which is kind of a shame when you think about it. LG, like Samsung, makes almost all the components required to manufacture a smartphone or tablet, but they simply fall flat on their face when it comes to software.

You’d think they’d be smart enough to go all stock Android for everything, but nope.