German GS4 receives 365 MB “stability update” (Update: App2SD support has been added!)

Owners of the German Samsung Galaxy S4, specifically the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 powered GT-i9505, woke up today to a 365 MB software update. According to MobiFlip, the changelog is incredibly sparse. It simply says “improved stability”. They’re done some poking around, and as far as they can tell, the only visual updates are an improved calendar UI and the ability to have a transparent status bar when using your own wallpaper.

To put this 365 MB figure into some perspective, CyanogenMod weighs in at around 170 MB. Even the official factory ROM for the Nexus 4, that’s only 330 MB. It’s a real shame that Samsung isn’t being more open with their changelog, but I guess they don’t have to since most people simply click update and get on with their lives.

Speaking about updates, when will owners of the GS III and the Note II get Android 4.2 Jelly Bean? Depending on who you believe, the rumors say this month, though I have my doubts. I’m confident Samsung will get 4.2 out the door by the end of this year, that’s not even a question, but I can’t name a specific month.

Update: It appears that the camera got updated as well.

Update: It looks like the GS4 now has App2SD support! That means you’ll be able to take your really large applications and move them to your microSD card.