Samsung to host an event on June 20th, here are the five things they’ll likely announce

Samsung is going to host an event in London on June 20th. The invite reads “Samsung Premiere 2013”, with the subheading being “Galaxy & Ativ”. We all know what Galaxy means, mobile phones, and as for Ativ, that’s the brand for the company’s products that run Microsoft software.

So let’s think, what exactly could Samsung announce?

There’s the GS4 Mini, the smaller version of the GS4 meant for people who prefer smaller phones. There’s the GS4 Zoom, which is basically the GS4 Mini, but with a 16 megapixel camera and a 10x optical zoom. Thre’s the GS4 Active, which is basically the GS4, but waterproof, dustproof, and slightly toned down specs in the camera and processor department. There’s the Galaxy Ace III, perfect for people who are on a budget. There’s also the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0, otherwise known as a Note 8.0 without the stylus.

And beyond that … nothing really comes to mind. I listed five products in the previous paragraph, do I honestly think the company will announce that many? Nope. Samsung has this thing where they announce a product or two before hosting an event so that at the event they can focus all their attention on a single device. Two devices maximum.

Either way, I’m excited, are you?

[Via: The Next Web]

Update: In case you tell, I didn’t predict any of the upcoming Ativ products, mainly because I don’t care about Microsoft. Windows Phone? Really? And Windows 8? You can’t be serious, can you?