LG makes the white Nexus 4 official, also says they’re not working on the 2013 Nexus

LG just made two announcements today. Starting with the one most of you will be delighted to hear, the white Nexus 4 is now official. It has the exact same specs as the original (4.7 inch 720p, quadcore Snapdragon S4 Pro, 2 GB RAM, 8 MP camera), except that it’s white. LG says it’ll launch on May 29th in Hong Kong, and then it’ll come to markets in Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East over the “next few weeks”. No word on pricing, sadly.

The second announcement is either good news or bad news, depending on what you think about LG. My good friend Danijel Dercksen from the Dutch site All About Phones is currently on a trip in South Korea. He spoke to Kim Wong, Head of LG Europe, about the Google Edition Samsung Galaxy S4. When Danijel asked about LG working on this year’s Nexus, Wong said:

“There are currently no plans for a Nexus 5 made by us. We don’t need that kind of marketing exposure anymore. The Nexus 4 was a great succes, even with the supply issues and we have a great relationship with Google. But we won’t make the Nexus 5.”

Wong’s statement contradicts an earlier report from The Korea Times that said LG was going to make the next Nexus. Seeing as how today’s news come straight from LG’s mouth, I’m going to believe what they have to say.

The real question is now who will make the next Nexus? Samsung already has the Google Edition GS4, so maybe Huawei or ZTE or Sony? How about HTC? We’ll find out later this year.

6 Responses to “LG makes the white Nexus 4 official, also says they’re not working on the 2013 Nexus”

  1. misternobg

    For me this is bad news,since I have good experience w/ LG and Nexus 4. If rumors turns out to be true HTC will make Google Edition One so they will probably not make next Nexus. I think Motorola is neglected so they probably prepare next Nexus phone in secret. But if some of the Chinese OEM’s prepare next Nexus that wouldn’t surprises me.

  2. Alternativly, he said ‘we might make another phone for Google, but it won’t be called the Nexus 5, so thank you for letting me easily sidestep that question and keep the NDA’s intact.’

  3. rogerdebris

    The Verge is reporting that LG said there was no Nexus 5 currently in development, which doesn’t mean there won’t be in the future….


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